15 May 2008

What's New @ the BDC?

The Beaufort District Collection is continuously expanding! Here are a few new titles recently added to our shelves:

917.5799 GUI. A Guide to Historic Bluffton (2007)
This title is also available in the Local History collection at your local branch!
“A Guide to Historic Bluffton is almost 100 pages and is chock full of maps, original illustrations, photos, historical documents, and narrative about the architecture of town structures and some history of the area once known as St. Luke’s Parish under the Lord Proprietors, who controlled the Carolinas.” -- http://blufftonbreeze.com

973.7757 CLA. A History of the 15th South Carolina Infantry, 1861-1865 by James B. Clary (2007)
“This military history book uses primary sources (letters, diaries, photographs and official records) to document the men and events of the 15th South Carolina Infantry from the beginning to the end of the great American Civil War.” -- http://www.15thscinfantry.com/

975.802 GAL. The Formation of a Planter Elite: Jonathan Bryan and the Southern Colonial Frontier by Alan Gallay (Paperback, 2007)
“Through the career of Jonathan Bryan--which spanned the founding of Georgia, the Revolution, and the birth of the new republic--Gallay chronicles the rise of the plantation slavery system in the colonial South.” -- http://www.amazon.com

973.7757 SCH. A Scratch with the Rebels: A Pennsylvania Roundhead and a South Carolina Cavalier by Carolyn Poling Schriber (2007)
“A Scratch With the Rebels is a nonfiction study of the Battle of Secessionville, based on documented sources with much of the research conducted in South Carolina. Schriber has blended the personal stories of two opposing soldiers with a detailed account of the battle.” -- http://www.charleston.net

305.8961 CRO. Gullah Culture in America by Wilbur Cross (2008)
“This book explores the Gullah culture's direct link to Africa, via the sea islands of the American southeast.” -- http://barnesandnoble.com

359.9657 ALV. Parris Island: Once a Recruit, Always a Marine by Eugene Alvarez (2007)
“Author and former Parris Island drill-instructor Eugene Alvarez records the training and tough physical and mental challenges that make a Marine.” -- http://books.google.com

973.7415 HUM. Intensely Human: The Health of the Black Soldier in the American Civil War by Margaret Humphreys (2008)
“Black soldiers in the American Civil War were far more likely to die of disease than were white soldiers. In Intensely Human, historian Margaret Humphreys explores why this uneven mortality occurred and how it was interpreted at the time.” -- http://www.press.jhu.edu/books

Series: Lost Photographs from the Historic American Buildings Survey
726.5 SAC. Scared Places of the Lowcountry (2007)
728.8 CAR. Carolina Plantations (2007)
975.799 GRA. Gracious Beaufort (2007)
This title is also available in the Local History collection at your local branch!

The Beaufort District Collection is a division of the Beaufort County Library, a department of Beaufort County Government of South Carolina.

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