29 October 2008

Help us document the religious history of Beaufort County

Some area churches, including the Roman Catholic churches, hold services to remember the dead during the Hallowtide season.

You can read about our many of our area churches in the BDC vertical files.

We gather the information from individual churches and synagogues as we can.
BDC staff and docents often donate their Sunday bulletins to the vertical files. Because the Baptist Church of Beaufort and the Beth Israel Synagogue have been particularly interested in documenting their respective cemeteries and have used our BDC to help them in their quest to learn more, these congregations have been very generous by donating copies of their compiled research and publications to the BDC. But there are more, many more, religious organizations that could -- and should -- be represented in our files and holdings.

To do a better job at collecting the history of the large variety of religious organizations in our county, we surely could use a little help.

Here's how you can help us preserve materials for the future:

If your congregation publishes an e-newsletter, a newsletter, or has compiled a history of itself, we would appreciate a copy to put into our vertical files or on the book shelf so that future Beaufortonians and researchers will have access to vital information about the social life and customs of our area in the early part of the 21st century. If you would like to donate bulletins or records from your church or religious organization, please call us at 470-6525 or e-mail gracec@bcgov.net.

Please note: The Beaufort County Library does not accept religious tracts that aim to convert the reader to any particular denomination or system of belief.

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