03 November 2008

Recent Donation to the BDC

We are always on the look-out for materials related to the history, culture and environment of the area once known as "Beaufort District." Thanks to generous donors, such as Richard Brooks who recently gifted us some magazines, high school annuals, and a Jonathan Green exhibit catalog, our collection is growing in depth and scope.

Thank you, Mr. Brooks.

The greatest gift of all is offering the BDC the privilege of "First Refusal." Giving us the opportunity to see what you would be willing to give the Library to help fill out our collections of local materials is the best gift you can give. Many times, we accept your donated material. But sometimes an offering is outside our collection development policy -- in which case we try to refer you to a more appropriate repository for your material.

If you have a material that you would be willing to donate to us, please contact me 470-6525 or gracec@bcgov.net so we can talk about it.

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