23 January 2009

"The King is Dead. God Save the King."

Today is Amber Shorthouse's last day on the payroll here in the Beaufort County Library. She has been a wonderful contributor during her 379 days as the Preservation Associate in the BDC. I shall truly miss her considerable technical skills, even temper, and pleasant nature. She also worked like a dog each and every day.

Among her contributions were the design and initial set-up of Connections, facilitating the entry of our 1500+ vertical files into the Library's online catalog, lots of data entry regarding the unseen electronic support holding up the Phosphate, Farms, and Family: The Donner Collection digital project, and devising a new way to capture the dead for the Online Obituary Index and files.

Alas, the economic downturn has solidified her interest in the health care field. She's heading off to study nursing -- a far more stable and renumerative field than library science and/or archives. (Did I mention that's she's also one very smart young woman?) So, adieu, and bon voyage, Amber. I have enjoyed working with you very much.

On the other hand, folks, this means her position is open! [Whether or not we will be allowed to fill it given the County's economic situation remains to be seen. But hope springs eternal.]

Think that you have the skills, aptitudes, educational background, and the moxie to work for the best boss [that would be moi] in the best twig [the BDC] of the best part of the Beaufort County government [the Library]? You know that old saying about the lottery: "You can't win if you ain't in," don't you? If you're interested, I encourage you to apply.

You can get the application form online, but you must return it to Beaufort County's Human Resources Department. I can't take them from you.

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