03 March 2009

BDC Open 1pm -5pm Today

We are trying our best to minimize the impact of the hiring freeze policy of Beaufort County Council on our customers but it is causing some discomfort in our usual schedule. Unfortunately, today we have no trained docents to supervise the use of the Beaufort District Collection and its materials while I participate in a regularly scheduled Beaufort County Library meeting at Hilton Head Branch Library. Thus, the Beaufort District Collection will only be open for customers 1 pm - 5 pm today.

To minimize our collective pain:
We recommend customers call 470-6525 before making a special trip to visit the Beaufort District Collection!

Check the BDC homepage and this blog for schedule updates.

Please ask the Beaufort Branch Reference Librarians for help using Local History resources and the Virtual BDC on the web.

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