06 April 2009

Join Us for (Free) Tasty Beaufort Treats

Q: How many places are named "Beaufort?"
A: There are over 20 towns and cities in countries throughout the world with places named “Beaufort”. France, Australia, Haiti, Malaysia, South Africa, Luxembourg, Ireland, Wales, and, our own country, all have "Beaufort"s.

To celebrate this year's National Library Week theme, "Worlds Connect," we're hosting a global gourmet event -- the first ever "World of Beauforts Tasting Festival." Amanda Brewer and Dennis Adams have done yeoman's work putting together the event and lining up the chefs to prepare sample-sized portions of signature dishes representative of Beaufort locations around the world.

Library supporters are helping make the "World of Beauforts Tasting Festival" happen in many ways. We could not be putting this event on for the community without the cooperation our beloved Friends of Beaufort County Library, area restaurants, Lobeco Branch Library, and our culinary experts.

Make plans now to meet us in the Waterfront Park Pavilion on Thursday, April 16th beginning at 11 am to taste the "World of Beaufort" treats. The woman to call for more information is Amanda Brewer at (843) 470-6524.

PS: (My interest is only in our Beaufort. When one has "Beaufort, South Carolina," who needs another Beaufort? -- particularly when those other Beauforts don't even mispronounce the name properly. I'll be there to answer questions about our Beaufort and the Beaufort District Collection.)

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