28 April 2009

MayDay in Cultural Heritage Organizations Land

Libraries, museums, archives, and arts and historic preservation organizations across the nation will observe MayDay on May 1, a national effort to prepare for disasters. Sponsored by Heritage Preservation and other members of the Heritage Emergency National Task Force, MayDay encourages cultural heritage institutions to take one simple step to protect the art, artifacts, records, and historic structures they hold in trust.

Preparedness is not just for institutions and governments. I invite everyone to participate in MayDay by doing just One Thing for Emergency Preparedness. For example, you could:

* Look over your disaster plan, see what needs to be updated, and update it!
* Review your insurance policies to better understand what is, and is not covered, in case of hurricane, flood, or fire damage at your home.
* Call your local Fire Service District to see if you can attend a preparedeness presentation regarding their safety tips to protect life and property!
* Review the content in this blog with the tag "damage control." As of this writing, there are 5 entries.
* Begin gathering the necessary contents for your hurricane evacuation box(es) for the upcoming hurricane season. It starts 1 June!

For more information on MayDay, visit these links:

* Heritage Preservation

* Society of American Archivists

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