23 February 2011

Schedule Adjustments in March

As you are likely aware the BDC Research Room is usually open Mondays through Fridays 10 am until 5 pm. But sometimes we have to make adjustments to comply with federal labor laws for hourly employees. Well, sometimes is coming soon!

Charmaine and I both have accrued significant amounts of leave time and have time sensitive family events to celebrate during the March 8th - March 25th time frame. Therefore, we will be tag teaming staffing the BDC Research Room with only one person throughout that period. (Under usual circumstances, Charmaine and I tag team lunch times. But these are not usual and customary circumstances.) Therefore, the BDC Research Room will be closed for lunch, Noon to 1 pm, March 8 - 25. (We have to comply with Federal labor laws you know!)

Regular hours of operation will resume Monday, March 28th.

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