08 February 2011

Talk on "Kate Gleason," A Most Influential Woman

Recently I was honored to serve on the Beaufort Gazette panel selecting the "Nine Most Influential Beaufortonians" to celebrate Beaufort's 300th birthday on January 17th. It was very difficult to pare down 27 original nominees to 9 finalists. One of the original 27, Kate Gleason, is the topic of the next Beaufort County Historical Society meeting on Feb. 10th.

The original nomination read: Kate Gleason — Catherine Anselm "Kate" Gleason (November 25, 1865 - January 9, 1933) was an American engineer and businesswoman known both for being a revolutionary in the predominantly male field of engineering and for her philanthropy. Her father was the owner of a machine tool company, later named Gleason Works, which later became (and still is) one of the most important makers of gear-cutting machine tools in the world. She moved to Beaufort in 1926, where she built the Gold Eagle Tavern, developed Colony Gardens on Lady's Island and was a main benefactor for the opening of Beaufort Memorial Hospital.

Beaufort County Historical Society is hosting Janis Gleason on February 10th. She will speak on the Life and Letters of Kate Gleason at Noon at the Beaufort Yacht & Sailing Club, Meridian Rd., Beaufort, SC.

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