27 February 2011

Teachers and the "Port Royal Experiment"

Well meaning missionary teachers, white and black, male and female, journeyed to Port Royal (what the Union called all the area surrounding Port Royal Sound) to help the newly freed slaves learn to read and write.

The image above from our holdings shows a group of ten teachers (among them: Miner, Mrs. Harris, Armstrong, Cahoun, Colburn, H.C. Bullard, Mitchell, Jenners, King and Foote).

William Reed who donated these images to the Beaufort Township Library (our predecessor institution) wrote:
"Home for teachers of the Freedmen sent out by the American Missionary Assn of New York. Several very nice young ladies among them. Taken in February 1865. All but two of those in the picture taught in Savannah."

To learn more about the teachers and their tasks in educating the freed slaves, consult the selective guide to resources entitled "Missionary Teachers to the Freedmen" posted a few days ago under the "Local History Treasures Brought to You by the Beaufort District Collection."

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