10 March 2011

Carolina Stories highlights Sam Doyle Tonight!

Carolina Stories: Uncommon Folk spotlights six self-taught South Carolina folk artists and their unique, sometimes quirky, creations. Artisans featured are L.C. Carson, Johnnie Simmons, Ernest Lee, Maxie McConnell Eades, Margaret Robbins, and Sam Doyle, the St. Helena folk artist whose "Stepping Out" painting is to the left.

We have materials about Sam Doyle, of course - but none of his artworks. (His work commands very high prices in the art markets). The knol on Sam Doyle includes almost a dozen links to internet sites with additional information about him. You can also drop by the BDC Research Room to read the vertical file we have about his work and life or to see an art exhibit catalog of his New York show in 1989. For the more visually inclined, check out the video Palmetto Places: St. Helena Island from any of our local history sections. (The video also features works by Jonathan Green in the Red Piano II Gallery, by the way).

Tune in tonight at 8 p.m. on SCETV for the show. Here's a video preview.

If you can, visit the South Carolina State Museum for the Folk Art exhibit that runs through January 15, 2012.

Image from Just Folk Art Gallery.

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