01 March 2011

How the BDC Celebrated Black History Month

The Library system emphasizes our holdings about African American history annually in February. However, the BDC makes it a practice to always collect and share our holdings on the role of African Americans in the history, culture, and environment of this wonderful place in which we live. What makes Beaufort District unique is the integral contribution that African Americans have made in and to this place over the past 300 years.

Here's a recap of what the Beaufort District Collection did to celebrate African American History during February:

We taught the basics of African American Genealogy and introduced a full class to the joys (and vicissitudes) of the Ancestry Library Edition family history database at Hilton Head Branch Library on Feb. 2nd.

We posted several new bibliographies of materials the Library shares (concentrating on resources in the BDC, of course!) on topics in Black American history: Penn School; Black Civil War Soldiers and Sailors; and Teaching the Freedmen.

We updated online resources lists about Harriet Tubman; Laura Towne; Charlotte Forten; Rachel Mather; and Mitchelville.

We highlighted Black History Month in this blog throughout February.

We mounted a display themed "African Americans in the Civil War" in the Research Room.

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