12 March 2011

SC DISCUS highlights Women's History Month

DISCUS – which stands for Digital Information for South Carolina USers – provides free access to an electronic library that’s available 24/7. DISCUS provides a variety of organized resources, called databases, for individuals of all ages, educational levels and interests. The databases include:

* magazines
* professional journals
* newspapers
* encyclopedias
* e-books
* reference material
* student and teacher resources
* maps
* pictures
* recommended Web links
* multimedia
* and much more!

Librarians highly recommend SC DISCUS as a first step when doing research.

Q: Why?

A: The DISCUS databases include high-quality publications and documents that are updated regularly and organized so you can quickly find the information you need. Google and other Internet search engines are designed to search the open Web. When searching with Google or other Internet search engines, you’re likely to retrieve lots of irrelevant, commercial and possibly poor-quality results. With DISCUS, you’ll get the results you want without having to sort through lots of other “stuff.”

DISCUS often draws attention to significant celebrations. Because Women's History Month is in March, this month SC DISCUS highlights Women's History Month Resources on its initial search screen.

Read about the "300 Women Who Changed the World." SIRS has posted a "Spotlight on Women's History Month." Watch a tutorial about how to find other resources on women's history in DISCUS. (It's well worth the 7 1/2 minutes you spend.)

Don't Forget: You can find thousands of magazines, newspapers, and reference books available 24/7 through the online resources inside SC DISCUS. Online brochures are available. PowerPoints are available. OR for those of you who prefer a more personal touch, ask any of the reference librarians on staff in the branch libraries how to use the DISCUS databases.

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