20 April 2011

State of American Libraries Report Released

The American Library Association released its 2011 State of American Libraries Report on April 11th.

Even as budget-cutters take aim at libraries throughout the country, particularly at the state and local level, libraries are providing valuable services to increasing numbers of customers. These trends are documented in a nationwide poll commissioned by the American Library Association (ALA) as part of a Harris Interactive telephone omnibus study conducted in January with a cross-section of 1,012 adults.

The Harris poll revealed that Americans value the democratic nature of libraries as places that level the playing field for all Americans in the provision of materials free of charge.

31% percent of adults –– and 38% of senior citizens –– rank the library at the top of their list of tax-supported services. Overall, the library’s most highly valued services pertain to the provision of free information and programs that promote education and lifelong learning.

91% percent (up 5 percentage points from the previous year) place great value in the library’s provision of information for school and work.

And almost all Americans (93%) believe that it is important that library services are free.

Read the press release for key findings.

Read the full 2011 State of American Libraries Report for details.

Source: American Libraries Direct 4/13/2011

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