28 July 2012

What Did You Do During WWII to Help?

The University of California Berkeley and the National Park Service are partners in capturing the spirit of the World War II home front through life stories of participants who aided the war effort, however small.  Did you collect scrap metal for recycling?  Did you dance with a wounded veteran at the Community Club?  Were you a pen pal of a lonely soldier?  Did you wave Marines off on the train or at a bus stop?  Did you grow a Victory garden?  What did you write to your Navy sweetheart? Did you watch for German subs on the beach? What sort of work did you do to keep the planes flying?

You can help keep the story alive by contributing your oral history of what you did to help the war effort.  The Regional Oral History Office seek male and female participants for interviews regarding a diverse range of home front experiences during World War II. Thus far, most interviews have been taken from the California Bay Area, but they are interested in WWII home front experiences from across the country.

Of course, you do not have to have been in the Beaufort area during WWII to participate - although the BDC would certainly be interested in what you have to say about it if you were!  [We are the special collections and archives of the former Beaufort District after all.]

Look at and listen to what they've done thus far at "Rosie the Riveter: WWII American Homefront Project."

Contact Sharon Fuller at syfuller@berkeley.edu for details.

Reminder:  The Research Room is closed Noon to 1 pm until Tues., August 14th.

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