22 September 2012

23 Years Ago Today ...

Hurricane Hugo crashed onto the South Carolina coast near Charleston.  Would you be ready if another storm came ashore today? Next week? Next month?

The Red Cross wants to help you get ready for hurricanes, earthquakes, landslides, floods, etc. by offering a multitude of online resources to help you help yourself and your family when an emergency strikes (which we highlight here as our contribution to "National Preparedness Month.")

Let Jamie Lee Curtis help you "Be Red Cross Ready." Crossing your fingers and hoping and praying that everything will work out just fine is not enough.  Other useful online resources include:
Hurricane App for iPhones and Androids
Hurricane Safety Checklist

Here in Beaufort County, there are a wealth of resources available through the County's Emergency Management Department, including evacuation maps should the need arise.  Questions regarding the County's specific plans should be addressed to Todd Ferguson, who is the Director of Emergency Management, 255-4000. 

The South Carolina Archival Association is using Preparedness and Response as the theme for the 2012 Archives Month: "Planning for the Worst, Hoping for the Best: Documenting South Carolina's Natural Disasters."  Unfortunately, Beaufort District has had some of its own so expect to read more about a few during October.

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