28 February 2013

Every Month is Black History Month

Officially, today is the last day of "Black History Month."  However, every month is Black History Month for the BDC and for AT&T. The BDC makes an effort to interweave posts about all our native sons and daughters, regardless of race throughout the year.  Our holdings contain historical and cultural materials from the community. 

The South Carolina African American History Calendar and its online home are brought to you by AT&T and its partners. The 2013 calendar marks the 24th year AT&T has spearheaded this initiative of providing educators, parents, and visitors a method of identifying African American role models for all youth and honoring notable African American achievers with ties to South Carolina.

You can download calendars for 2009 to 2013 at http://scafricanamerican.com/download/ and make copies for your home, classroom, or office. 

You can see the long list of honorees at http://scafricanamerican.com/honorees/.  (More than a few have Beaufort District connections.)  

There's a special section just for educators at http://scafricanamerican.com/resources/educators/.

A list of Books and Materials about black history at http://scafricanamerican.com/resources/books/. (A fair proportion of which are available through our library and the SCLENDS consortium.)

And, last but not least, a host of web links to sites dedicated in one fashion or another to sharing the history of African Americans with us: http://scafricanamerican.com/resources/links/.

Be sure to explore this wonderful website all year long!

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