08 April 2013

Tax Notice (from 1886)

Taxes are always on our minds:  We're bemoaning them, paying them, collecting them, preparing how to get out of paying them, listening to politicians talk about minimizing or raising them, arguing about how to spend them, etc.  It's enough to make one's head spin! 

Taxes, of course, are one of the two certain things in this life according to Benjamin Franklin: "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." (In a letter he wrote to Jean-Baptiste Leroy in 1789, which was re-printed in The Works of Benjamin Franklin, 1817).

Here is a County and State Tax Notice from Beaufort County Treasurer, R.B. Fuller, that payment will be accepted beginning October 15, 1886 and the schedule of where he'll be around the county to facilitate payment during the month of October. From November 1 through December 15th, the only place to pay would be in Beaufort at the Courthouse.  The notice appeared in the Palmetto Post newspaper. There will be no extensions of the time to pay. Make no mistake: 1886 taxes are due!

For those of you needing help with filling out your 2013 tax returns, be aware that time is definitely running out.  View the information at http://www.beaufortcountylibrary.org/content/2013-tax-year-resources to learn about your options within the Library system. 

Please note:  The Beaufort County Library system is closed, Wed., April 10th.  All service locations will be closed.  

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