26 June 2013

Getting Ready for the coming Civil War

Projects take a lot of coordination and planning - and cooperation of others - to execute well.  We're excited to bring the "Civil War 150" traveling exhibit to Beaufort County Library in September. "Civil War 150" was developed by the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History in association with the Library of America through funding from the National Endowment of the Humanities.  

To prepare for its arrival - and to give you an opportunity to realize more fully the impact of the Civil War on our ancestors -we're holding a "Digging Up Your Civil War Ancestors" training session at Beaufort Branch on July 9th. Contact sinman@bcgov.net or 255-6458 to register for the BDC@ Beaufort Branch session.

Soon we will begin populating our web page about the exhibit and the Library's "One County Reads the Civil War" project. Here's a wonderful article about Civil War resources on the internet written for Booklist Online (a library materials selection guide) a few years ago by Carolyn Mulac to whet your appetite.  Perhaps you'll find the links as useful as we did.

Reference on the Web: The Civil War, by Carolyn Mulac | Booklist Online

Heads up: The Beaufort County Library will be closed Thursday, July 4th to observe Independence Day.

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