29 June 2013

Summer Reading is in Full Swing!

Have you registered to participate in our annual (and perennial) Summer Reading Program (SRP) yet? 

Lots of times we hear people say that "Summer reading is for kids." "Yes," we retort, "it is for kids and for everyone else, too."  Please understand that the Summer Reading Program (SRP, for short) is not designed just for the under 12 crowd anymore.  Contrary to popular perception, it's not limited to books, either.  We have books, movies, e-books, audio-books, programs and activities for all ages, Early Literacy (Birth - age 3), Children (Pre-K-5th grade), Teens (Grades 6 - 12), and Adults (anyone aged 18 or more).  

SRP runs from June 10-July 20th so there's still time for you to sign up - online or in person at one of our branch libraries - and perhaps win prizes from one of our  prize sponsors
Take a look at the BINGO cards and rules for each age group on the Summer Reading Program webpage to see what we "count" for successful completion of the SRP. On the Adult card there's even a BDC square!  You may be surprised by the number of options you have. 

For more information about the library's summer activities or recommendations of more great books, please call or visit your local branch library. You can also check our Facebook pages or our website for the latest Summer Reading news.

Summer Reading ends July 20th.  Don't delay.  Sign up today - and get Library activities/reading/viewing/exploring!

Heads up:  Beaufort County Library will be closed Thurs., July 4th.  The BDC Research Room will be closed at lunchtime Fri., July 5th.  Visit us next Friday from 10 am until Noon, grab a bite to eat, and return for an afternoon of research fun, 1 pm until 5 pm!

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