28 October 2013

Digital Archaeology

As this is still Archaeology Month, I share a blog entry by Leslie Johnston from The Signal: Digital Preservation entitled "Digital Archaeology" dated 09/10/2013.  The Signal is one of the Library of Congress's premier blogs. The entry is rich with links - and thought-provoking - considering how many computing (smart) devices have been used in just that past several decades.

09/10/2013 01:41 PM EDT

I was staring at a blank screen when my colleague David came into my office. I semi-jokingly asked him for a blog topic. “I have one for you,” he replied. “Content Archaeology. Discuss.” And with that he left my office. People know that I trained as an archaeologist and did fieldwork in multiple locations.  I [...]

How would you define "Digital Archaeology?" 

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