25 October 2013

Family History Involves Everyone!

Here are 16 simple ideas and activities from the Minnkota Genealogical Society to help you celebrate Family History Month at your house. 
  1. Write a biographical sketch and share it with your family.
  2. Share someone's life story.
  3. Share a story from your youth with a child.
  4. Tell stories about life when you were a child.
  5. Record the history of your family heirlooms.
  6. Record the origin of things and stories about how you came to have them.
  7. Create an heirloom, such as a cross-stitch, embroidery, crocheted blankets. Take photos of items and make a scrapbook.
  8. Cook up some family recipes.
  9. They can be recorded with any stories that go with them.
  10. Make copies of family photos.
  11. Scan them into a computer and print them out.
  12. Pass out copies of family trees.
  13. There are several computer genealogy programs available.
  14. Write a letter and spread some good will.
  15. Send a thank you note to clerks and librarians that have been helpful in your search efforts.
  16. Create some memories to preserve for your own family.
Source: http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~minnkota/nfhm.html 

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