22 May 2014

BDC@ BLU: Memoir Writing Workshop: June 14th

I met Susan Kammeraad-Campbell through author Teresa Bruce while Bruce was finishing up her project The Other Mother: A Re-moir, Joggling Board Press, 2013. Bruce drew heavily from journals and images of the Byrne Miller Collection housed in the Beaufort District Collection to provide context as her relationship with Miller had such a profound impact on the course of Bruce’s life. As Bruce's project came to fruition, she introduced me to her editor and publisher, Susan Kammeraad-Campbell, and to Susan’s writing workshop.

The BDC sponsored a "Writing Memoirs" workshop last Fall to highlight the value of special collection and archival materials to provide context for memories, inform and enhance one's own sense of self, one's own sense of place, and one's own sense of inclusion as a valued and valuable member of the community. 

Here are just a few of the comments we received about the November workshop:
  • “Excellent;” 
  • “More, more;” and 
  • “Build on this.”
Feedback from participants upon reflection after several months included these comments: 
  • “Writer’s workshops in a public library setting are a necessary and non-judgmental arena to develop;” 
  • “The workshop made me want to write more and to approach writing as a craft;” 
  •  “This workshop changed my perception on the diversity and validity of other’s viewpoints;” 
  • “This workshop empowered me ‘to be me’;” and, several one word critiques: 
  • “Cathartic;”
  •  “Therapeutic,” and 
  • “Inviting.” 
Perhaps most telling, one participant said: “The public library is an inclusive setting where judgment is held at bay. The interaction with the other writers made me feel validated.”

In other words, the response to Susan Kameraad-Campbell's "Writing Memoirs" workshop was so good that we've invited her to hold a similar workshop at the Bluffton Branch Library on Saturday, June 14th from 1 pm - 3 pm. This workshop is part of the Library's initiative for encouraging  creativity by providing "Maker Spaces" and creative activities throughout the system as well as providing a "Literary Elements" program in line with the Adult Summer Reading Program.  

Due to the intimacy and intensity of the writing process, we are limiting the workshop to only a dozen or so people. If you are at least 12 years old and want to learn how to write a true story of your life that others will want to read, make your reservation with Charmaine as soon as possible cseabrook@bcgov.net; 843-255-6468.

Reminder:  The Beaufort District Collection is closed May 26th in observance of Memorial Day. 

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