16 June 2014

RSVP: Canoe Luncheon & Lecture - PIM

From Press Release by Mary Lou Brewton, distributed to the Archaeological Society of South Carolina - Looking for a head count for this Wednesday: 

It has been a long journey for a canoe estimated to be over 500 years old since the East Carolina University grad students under the guidance of Dr Lynn Harris started this project. James Cooler, a sport diver, builder, and collector, found the canoe. The canoe was extricated, placed in storage until Alyssa Reisner and Sonia Valencia, from the Maritime Studies Program at East Carolina University were provided funding from the Parris Island Historical and Museum Society to develop an exhibit as a part of their coursework for a Masters degree.

Since its discovery by Cooler many hands have been involved with the canoe, most recently the team from East Carolina University who created a display that you can see at the Parris Island Museum at the opening of the new display, Weds. June 18th.

According to a report by Dr. Lynn Harris, "The canoe exhibit should provide visitors a dynamic visual representation of the past and hopefully inspire an appreciation for the history of Native American cultures in the area."

To celebrate the unveiling of the canoe exhibition, the Parris Island Museum and Historic Society and the Archaeology Society of South Carolina Beaufort Chapter are partnering to share a dutch treat luncheon and lecture in the Regimental Room at Traditions on Parris Island on Weds. June 18th at 11:30 for luncheon and 12:15 lecture.

According to Dennis Brennan of the PIM &HS, "We are very pleased to have this great new exhibition at the Parris Island Museum. We will be partnering with the Archaeology Society of SC/Beaufort Chapter to host a reception after the luncheon and lecture at Traditions. The lecture and reception are free and open to the public but we would like everyone to RSVP so that we'll know how many chairs to have set up. Lunch will be dutch treat at the Traditions lunch buffet."

"The lunch will begin at 11:30 and the lecture with Dr. Lynn Harris and Reisner and Valencia, students that participated in the creation of the display, will start promptly at 12:15 and last about 30 minutes. We will adjourn to the Parris Island Museum where we'll have a reception with light refreshments at 1 pm."

We would like to remind everyone to allow extra time at the PIRD main gate and be able to provide proper paperwork for your automobile (driver's license, current vehicle registration and insurance.)

RSVP for seating by Monday, June 16th to: pimuseumsociety@gmail.com

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