06 August 2014

Is it Really Robert Smalls's Planter?

Saturday, August 9th:  You may have heard the news about a recent discovery of a shipwreck that might be - or might not be - the remains of "Robert Smalls's the Planter." (We share pride in the character and achievements of our native son Robert Smalls with Charleston.) Dr. Nicholas Butler, Public Historian, Charleston County Public Library shares contemporary evidence about the ultimate fate of the steamship Planter. Open to anyone over age 12 interested in attending. This BDC@ St. Helena Branch local history program begins at 1 pm.
Join us if you can. It's free!

Heads up: The BDC Research Room will be closed at lunchtime, Noon to 1 pm, Tues., Aug. 19 - Mon., Aug. 25.

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