07 April 2015

"Blossoms" by Lory Anderson

We celebrate National Poetry Month by sharing poems or extracts of poems from titles in the Beaufort District Collection. 

Lory Anderson wrote "Blossoms" for Life on Daufuskie is more than a touch of hallelujah!:Poems and Thoughts, 1995:

 Just yesterday they were still hidden
tiny buds, cuddles up so small and gray
along the stems and branches,
waiting for a sunlight ray.
Every spring I am halting
and hope the morning light
displays all blossoms open,
arrays of pedals gleaming white.
I did not abide in vain.
Early dawn showed joy and pleasure.
Satin textures unfolded over night,
fragile beauty, lovely treasure. 

Check out this book from the Local history section at your branch library, call number 811.54 AND

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