05 August 2015

BDC Services and Programs

The Beaufort District Collection is a full service special library and archives in a public library as our logo indicates. We are a unit of the Beaufort County Library in South Carolina.

The purpose of the Beaufort District Collection is to acquire, preserve, maintain and share a research collection of permanent value about the history, Gullah culture, natural history, archaeology and genealogy of Beaufort District’s long and storied past. Our collection focuses on the people, places, issues and themes relevant to Beaufort County, Hampton County, and Jasper County history, 10,000 BCE to the mid-1960s.

Our Research Room is open for anyone over age 12 to explore their interest in any of these topics. We have books, audio-visual recordings, newspapers, illustrated prints, maps, photographs, postcards, and manuscript collections to support your historical and genealogical research. In addition to housing a fine collection of research materials, we employ competent staff to orient you to the possibilities and pitfalls of doing research in a “burned County.”

Contact us at (843) 255-6468 or e-mail gracec@bcgov.net to schedule Research Consultations.

Q: Want to do a little research from home before traveling to our Research Room?
A: Our “Virtual BDC” may include just what you need to know!
Q: That's great but how do I find the "Virtual BDC"?

* Search the BDC BCL Wordpress blog for materials and links about the people, places, issues and themes relevant to Beaufort County, Hampton County, and Jasper County 10,000 BCE to the mid-1960s. Just type in "Reconstruction" or "Root Doctor" or an event, such as the Battle of Port Royal Sound or the Hurricane of 1893,  to get a list of library materials and online resources about a specific local history topic.

* Visit us on the web http://www.beaufortcountylibrary.org. Click on the “Local History” tab and gain access to our Online Obituary Index files, Local History and Nature pages, two photographic digital collections, and Connections blog http://www.beaufortdistrictcollectionconnections.blogspot.com

* We post something related to local history, Gullah culture, archaeology, genealogy or natural history on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/bdcbcl every work day.

Not really into performing research but love history? We offer local history, Gullah culture, natural history, and archaeology programs and genealogy and materials preservation trainings on a recurrent basis throughout the Beaufort County Library system. For scheduled programs and events, check the Library system’s calendar http://www.beaufortcountylibrary.org/bcl_calendar or just monitor Connections for program announcements. For example, the BDC has four "specials" in August:
1)  "Reconstruction History Long Ignored, Neglected: Are We Finally Ready to Talk?" a three panel exhibit from the USC-B Libraries is currently on display in the 2nd floor lobby outside the BDC Research Room door. Drop by Mondays through Fridays, 10 am to 5 pm to view the exhibit.

2) We're reaching out to the community through the USC-B Reception and Book Signing with Dr. Larry Rowland and Dr. Stephen Wise on Wed., August 12th. We're taking some of our own Civil War, Reconstruction era, phosphate mining, and Hurricane of 1893 treasures to display.
3) The following day, Meg Gaillard, Archaeologist with the SC Department of Natural Resources Heritage Trust Program will be here to show documentary films about Fort Frederick and lead participants on a tour of the Fort Frederick historic site. (We regret that we cannot provide transportation to the site on the Naval Hospital grounds).
4) I'll be sharing images and personal accounts about the Hurricane of 1893 at Hilton Head Branch on the 122nd anniversary of the event.

We also expect that the "We Are P.I.: Making Marines" panel exhibit from the Parris Island Historical & Museum Society will arrive very soon. (Stay tuned for the announcement). 
For current hours of operation and library addresses consult the Library system’s webpage http://www.beaufortcountylibrary.org/content/hours-locations

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