28 February 2016

BDC Focus: Archaeology

Archaeology, or archeology, is the study of human activity through the recovery and analysis of material culture. The archaeological record consists of artifacts, architecture, biofacts or ecofacts, and cultural landscapes. Local archaeology is one of the five major topics we cover here in the BDC. Indeed we have in excess of over 100 archaeological reports relating to sites in Beaufort County alone. You'll see archaeology related Facebook posts on a regular basis. Every October we highlight Archaeology Month. Our special collections and archival resources prove useful to archaeologists on a regular basis.

Beaufort County is blessed to have 2 chapters of the Archaeological Society of South Carolina: Hilton Head Chapter and a Beaufort Chapter. Both groups are happy to welcome new members and the general public to their programs. We have two archaeology programs coming up this spring, both of which are co-sponsored by the Beaufort Chapter, ASSC:

March 22 at Bluffton Branch Library at 3 pm, we welcome Rita and Dan Elliott's final report and documentary film about the military engagement at Purrysburg, one of the British movements to capture South Carolina in 1779 - 1780. Why Bluffton Branch Library? The BDC is the only library unit that is required to put on programs at other library locations.  Bluffton Branch happens to be the closest BCL location to the actual site that is in present-day Jasper County - though at the time of the military engagement all of Jasper and Hampton counties were part of the Beaufort District. 

Dr. Jon Marcoux
Friday, May 27th at Beaufort Branch Library at 11:30 am Dr. Jon Marcoux of Salve Regina University tells us about the Battle of Sadkeche, a Yamassee War engagement in nearby Colleton County. He is an archaeologist who specializes in cultural and historic preservation and the study of late prehistoric and early historic Native American Indian societies (ca. A.D. 1000-1800). He's particularly interested in studying cultural interaction among late 17th-century Native American Indian communities, enslaved Africans and European settlers.

Looking ahead to Archaeology Month: We already have a verbal commitment from Dr. Jon Leader and Dr. Eric Poplin to return in October 2016 for the 4th annual "What the Heck Is It?" artifact identification program. Stay tuned for final arrangements.

Read the latest ASSC newsletter at: http://bit.ly/1UikjW5

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