22 May 2016

Yamasees and the Battle of Sadkeche

People often wonder about the Native Americans who once lived in this area. Let your wonder cease by attending our next BDC@ the Branches local history program! 
On Friday, May 27th at 11:30 am in the Beaufort Branch Library's Children's Programming Room (311 Scott Street, 1st floor) you have a prime opportunity to learn about the Yamasee and what happens when cultures converge and clash in frontier areas. That morning the BDC and the Beaufort Chapter, ASSC will host Dr. Jon Marcoux of Salve Regina University whose topic is the Battle of Sadkeche, a Yamasee War engagement in nearby Colleton County. He is an archaeologist who specializes in cultural and historic preservation and the study of late prehistoric and early historic Native American Indian societies (ca. A.D. 1000-1800). Dr. Marcoux is particularly interested in studying cultural interaction among late 17th-century Native American Indian communities, enslaved Africans and European settlers.

A little background: According to Dr. Chester DePratter, the Yamasee tribe moved into the Port Royal Sound area around 1683 and resided here only for 30 to 35 years. They allied themselves with the English attacking Spanish-allied Indians throughout Florida. Captured Indians were then sold as slaves in Carolina or transported to other British colonies. The Yamasee were critical in a general uprising of Native Americans against the British traders and settlers of the Carolinas beginning with the Good Friday Massacre 1715 at Pocotaligo. For decades the Yamasee were on the run. Many Yamasee survivors eventually relocated to Cuba with the Spaniards in 1763 at the end of the Seven Year’s War.  However, some Yamasee descendants still reside across the Southeast.  [Source: “The Yamasee Indians in South Carolina” by Chester B. DePratter, Legacy, vol. 19, no. 1, July 2015, pp. 14 – 16.]

For additional materials, visit our Recommended Links & Materials post about this area's Native Americans.  Here are the ones most relevant to the topic of the Yamassee War: 

975.702 MCI Indians’ revenge: including a history of the Yemassee Indian War: 1715-1728 by William McIntosh, III, 2010, c2009. (BDC, HHI, LOB) [Other SCLENDS has copies that can be checked out]

973.25 RAM The Yamasee War: a study of culture, economy, and conflict in the colonial South by William L. Ramsay, c2008. (BDC, BEA, BLU, HHI, LOB) [Other SCLENDS has copies that can be checked out]

SC 975.7 HIS “An Account of the Breaking Out of the Yamassee War, in South Carolina extracted from the Boston News, of the 13th of June, 1715,” Historical Collections of South Carolina; embracing many rare and valuable pamphlets, and other documents, relating to the History of that State, from its first discovery to its independence, in the year 1776. Compiled, with various notes, and an introduction, by B. R. Carroll. In two volumes. Vol. ii. New York: Published by Harper & Brothers, 1836, pp. 569 -572. (BDC) http://bit.ly/1O53EDJ

Beaufort County Historical Society Paper #14.“John Barnwell and the Tuscaroras” by Rebecca DesChamps McDowell. Presented before the Beaufort County Historical Society on June 29, 1954.

Beaufort County Historical Society Paper #59.“The Yamassee War in the Beaufort and Port Royal Area, 1601-1715” by Larry Ivers. Presented before the Beaufort County Historical Society, no date.

Take a look at digital images of Yamasee artifacts from the Altamaha archaeological site.  

We have a few copies of the SCIAA 2015 Archaeology Month poster still available to distribute at the program. The front has a wonderful map and the verso has lots of delicious information about the conduct of the war.  The poster is free.
Reminder: All units of the Beaufort County Library will be closed Mon., May 30th for Memorial Day. Regular hours resume Tues., May 31st.

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