27 July 2016

Beaufort District Collection 101

In April 2016, the Beaufort County Library launched a new monthly podcast, In Biblio Novitas with host Armistead Reasoner. Reasoner is one of the Bluffton Branch reference librarians. His task is to interview staff about some of the exciting -  or little known  - services provided by the Library system. 

Episode #1 covered the topic of library makerspaces with Kelli Baxter and Adam Farver from Bluffton Branch Library. What is a makerspace? This podcast will tell you all about it!

Episode #2 concentrated on how certain states established their boundaries. Bluffton Branch reference librarians Bratton DeLoach and Belinda Blue talked with Reasoner about the shapes of five states: California, Montana, New York, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Episode #3 introduced Hoopla, a fairly new digital service for Beaufort County residents. Using Hoopla Digital, Beaufort County Library cardholders can checkout e-books, comic books, TV series, feature films, and musical sound tracks.  Library Director Ray McBride, Information Services Coordinator Traci Cox, and Bluffton Branch Manager Halle Eisenmann discussed the topic with Reasoner. 

Episode #4 was "Beaufort District Collection 101" with yours truly. I tried to share the what, when, where, how and why of Beaufort County Library's only  archive. Please be kind since this was my first podcast interview. Next time I'll know to speak louder and slower. If you have any questions about what I said, or didn't say, please send me an e-mail. 

Episode #5 (August) features Hilton Head Branch reference librarians, Cathy Field and Lauren Read-Koslow, who are recent graduates of ALA approved Library schools. They will share what new librarians have in mind for libraries.

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