29 September 2016

South Carolina Archaeology Month 2016

In October 2016, the South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropolgy celebrates its 25th year celebrating South Carolina Archaeology Month. This year’s theme is entitled, “Santa Elena’s 450th Anniversary: Celebrating America’s Untold Story,” which features the history of this early Spanish capital located on the tip of Parris Island in Beaufort County.

The goals of SC Archaeology Month remain the same as before to: 
1) Stimulate public pride in our state's 14,000-year archaeological heritage,
2) Increase public understanding of why archaeological research is important, 
3) Heighten public awareness of how many archaeological resources are lost each year in South Carolina, 
4) Educate the public about what they can do to help protect, preserve, and study the state’s archaeological resources, and 
5) Get more people involved in legitimate archaeological activities.

Archaeology Month activities occur throughout October 2016 with a variety of events focusing on prehistory, history, cultural heritage, and historic preservation offered in every corner of the state, including county museums, county parks, state parks, and national parks. Each year the month-long event produces a topical poster focusing on current archaeological research in the Palmetto state. A PDF of the full SC Archaeology Month calendar can be seen http://artsandsciences.sc.edu/sciaa/sites/sc.edu.sciaa/files/attachments/Calendar%20of%20Events%202016_0.pdf.

We're celebrating Archaeology Month by distributing copies of the free Santa Elena 1566 - 1587 poster. Be sure to drop by the Beaufort District Collection or by one of the Library's branch locations for your copy of the free poster. We have planned two Saturday programs, one at the St. Helena Branch Library, 6355 Jonathan Francis Sr. Rd., St. Helena, SC 29920 and one here at the Beaufort District Collection. 

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