31 October 2008

Answers to Halloween Trivia

Q: According to Gullah folklore, what menacing figure can be kept away with blue paint?
Answer: Ol' Plat Eye. Amber was correct in her comments "that they are repelled by gunpowder & sulfur and can be enticed away with whiskey!"

Q: What was the name of the famous Beaufort County witch doctor who caught bullets with his hand and escaped from a chained and locked coffin after his death?
Answer: Dr. Buzzard.

Read more about Dr. Buzzard (also known as Stephany Robinson) in Sheriff J.E. McTeer's High Sheriff of the Low Country, Fifty Years as a Low Country Witch Doctor and/or watch the PBS produced documentary, High Sheriff, Lowcountry Witch Doctor available at BDC, BEA, BLU, HHI and LOB. For those who can come into the BDC to do research, we have several vertical files of related matter about Dr. Buzzard, root doctors, and Sheriff McTeer, plus the scrapbooks that Sheriff McTeer's family gave to us several years ago from which in-house customers can learn even more!

Q: According to Gullah folklore, what happens the day before an earthquake?
Answer: The Dead sing in their graves.

Expect to hear more about the 1886 Earthquake and its impacts on the Beaufort area on November 9th: "Earthquake Awareness" Day.

Thanks to all who participated.

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