07 March 2009

Beaufort County Historical Resources Consortium

I'll bet that you have no idea about the number of cultural heritage organizations within Beaufort County that provide some sort of public access to historical materials, services, and/or collections. As of last count, there are more than one dozen! Each organization has its own mission, goals, and service philosophy. Each one determines who has access to their holdings and under what terms of service. Each one contributes in its own way to the wealth of information and resources about the history, culture, and environment of this area.

While we may at times seem to compete -- and we do in some respects -- our urge to share our respective historical and cultural heritage holdings with residents and visitors underlines what we have in common: a love of and feeling of responsibility towards this most wonderful place where we live as shown through our stewardship of its cultural heritage resources.

Over the next several months, expect to read more about the Beaufort County Historical Resources Consortium members.

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