09 April 2009

Clash of Two Titans: "Thrilla in Manilla" documentary

According to the Very Short List:
When Smokin’ Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali first squared off, in 1971, they were fast friends and undefeated fighters. By the time of their third fight, in the Philippines in 1975, they’d been humbled and hardened, and had turned into bitter enemies. The Channel 4 documentary Thrilla in Manila is fiercely partisan on Frazier’s behalf. It’s also disturbing (Frazier claims responsibility for, and revels in, Ali’s physical decline), surprising (Imelda Marcos pops up as one of the interviewees), and riveting. Don’t miss the HBO premiere, on April 11.

Joe Frazier is one of Beaufort's own. The BDC has a collection of clippings about him in our historical vertical files. You can check out his Box like the Pros (Call number 796.83 FRA) from our Bluffton Branch Library or enjoy boxing history in photographs in Knockout: The Art of Boxing (Call number 796.83 REG at our Beaufort and Hilton Head Branch Libraries).

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