23 April 2009

"Slaves of Tombee Plantation" Book Talk

Part of my job responsibilities include selection of local history materials for all the branch libraries and preparing or sponsoring some local history programming in the Library system. I was pleased that St. Helena Branch Library manager, Ginny Marshall, invited me to come to St. Helena on Saturday, May 9th, beginning at 1:oopm to talk about the "Slaves of Tombee."

The session on May 9th is a follow-up of sorts to the Beaufort Branch Book Club presentation I did in February on Rosengarten's Tombee: Diary of a Cotton Planter. At St. Helena Branch, I will be emphasizing information about the "Slaves of Tombee" as revealed through the diary of slaveowner, Thomas B. Chaplin. I will bring along some of the treasures of the Beaufort District Collection to provide some context.

This time the focus will be on the life and labor of the slaves and what we can glean about specific individuals held in slavery from what T.B. wrote or failed to write. I'll illustrate the talk with screen shots taken from the Ancestry Library Edition database relating to Tombee Plantation and its residents, both enslaved and free.

I hope to see you there.

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