01 May 2009

MayDay: the BDC Makes Preparations for the Unexpected

"May Day" celebrations have been around a very long time. Beltane bonfires, English maypoles and a host of other activities have marked the day throughout the centuries. Is it Law Day? Labor Day? Protest Day? Military-Might Day? It is all those - and more. On no other day in the calendar do so many different types of worldwide celebrations take place. For us, in the Beaufort District Collection, the main focus of MayDay is being good stewards of the cultural heritage materials we hold in trust for our community. We plan, we train, we re-think our plan, we train -- all in hopes of being able to recover as many of the historically valuable materials we take care of from the past, for today, for tomorrow, and for the future.

Take a look at the images from our April 29th, "Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Workshop" held by the SC SHRAB at our Bluffton Branch Library facility.

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