10 January 2011

In the spirit of full disclosure

Librarians like to make it clear that we don't make up what we share with our customers. So we cite our sources. In the spirit of full disclosure, among the many electronic sources that I cull looking for potential posts for this blog which is dedicated to the topics of our area's history, culture, and environment are:
Beaufort Tribune
Beaufort Gazette / Island Packet
Bluffton Today
Island News
Lowcountry Weekly
Sea Island Scene
Bluffton Breeze Magazine
Hilton Head Monthly
Beaufort Lifestyles
American Libraries Direct
News and Press Releases from the National Archives
South Carolina Archival Association ListServ
Library Journal
North East Document Conservation Center
Institute for Museum and Library Services
CRM: The Journal of Heritage Stewardship
Charleston Magazine
The Telegraph
OCLC e-mail subscriptions
Digitization 101
History Classroom
History Channel Club, Living History
C2 Celebrate Hilton Head/Bluffton
Daufuskie Front Porch

Before ye pundits start thinking that all librarians sit around and read all day! let me state unequivocally that I do not consult all these potential sources each and every time I get a RSS feed, e-newsletter, or post from them. These are just the ones most easily accessible online for free. Although I am a skilled and quick reader, the sheer volume of all those words would not leave me any time to breathe much less help BDC customers! I also get notices from sister cultural heritage organizations that sometimes get put into Connections. Plus, there are other potential sources for blog posts. I am an information omnivore and just can't help sharing what I learn. Thus, every day is a new day to discover something that I didn't know before which I can share with you. Because Beaufort County Library is "For Learning. For Leisure. For Life."! I have to hold up my end of the rope by sharing information about the history, culture, and environment of this wonderful place through Connections posts.


Free Genealogy Guide said...

If I counted right, you have listed more sources than there are hours in a day. I know how much reading (and checking) genealogy research requires, but I am always being reminded that too much time with your nose in a book is detrimental to your perspective.

Grace Cordial said...

My point exactly: there aren't enough hours in a day to read all those potential sources each and every day. We have BDC customers too! Nor do I limit my culling only to genealogical sources as your comment implies. You'll see more special library and archival related sources on the list than genealogical related ones.

I cull from blogs, newspapers, magazine articles, websites, e-newsletters, press releases, RSS feeds, etc. on these topics: special libraries, libraries, archives, historic sites, cultural heritage institutions, preservation of cultural heritage materials, and in a much more limited way, some genealogical sources.