21 February 2011

African Americans in Civil War Military Service

Black History Month 2011 is themed "African Americans in the Civil War."

To help celebrate, we have compiled a list of library and web resources about the United States Colored Troops, African Americans in the US Navy, and South Carolina's Black Confederate pensioners for you to guide your reading and to help you explore the experience of black soldiers and sailors during the Civil War. The pathfinder is entitled "Selective Materials on African-Americans in the Civil War."

An alternate way to get to this and the other 46 bibliographies (and counting) that the BDC has posted on the web as part of our "virtual services" is to go to

1) the Library's homepage at http://www.beaufortcountylibrary.org.

2) Select "Recommended Reading" from the left hand column section headed "Quick Links." (The "Recommended Reading" page is found at http://beaufortcountylibrary.org/content/recommended-reading-0.)

3) About 1/2 way down on the "Recommended Reading" page, you'll see a section headed by "Local History Treasures Brought to You by the Beaufort District Collection." That's the entry point for most of the list of materials we have on a variety of topics.

4) Click on "Selective Materials on African-Americans in the Civil War."

Please note: Although the list is extensive and includes a number of links (all of which were active as of 2/16), this list is not inclusive. There are certain to be other books, magazine articles, and websites related to the Civil War and the role of African-Americans in and during that war.

Source of the digital image of Sgt. Carney is Digital Vaults.

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