06 March 2011

Please Participate in National Library Week

National Library Week is fast approaching.

The Beaufort County Library, in cooperation with the County Channel, will give our customers the opportunity to share their perceptions of how well (or not) the Beaufort County Library has met its responsibility to provide our community with materials, programs, and services which educate, entertain, and improve one's life. The end result will be a documentary about the Library and how well (or not) it meets community needs.

(Yes, if we've done a poor job, we need to know that as well.)

Please consider being interviewed for the documentary. We can't have a documentary without your input regarding how well (or not) the Library serves you.

For questions about the process or for details, ask Sandra Saad, Office of Development and Marketing, ssaad@bcgov.net or 843-255-6467.

Filming will occur at the three large branch libraries, Beaufort, Bluffton and Hilton Head. Staff at those locations can be contacted for specifics relating to the activities at their respective locations. Of course, you can say wonderful things (or not) about the Lobeco and/or St. Helena Branch Libraries, and/or the Beaufort District Collection at any of those three filming locations!

To learn more about National Library Week, please read "Celebrating National Library Week", April 11th - April 16th @ the Beaufort County Library System.

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