08 April 2011

BDC@ The Branches Celebrates National Poetry Month

Poet Amy Jenkins Bassett has graciously agreed to present a reprise of this program at the Lobeco Branch Library on Tues., April 26th beginning at 4 pm.

And next month, on Thursday May 5th, Alice Connelly Moore, will share some poems and essays from her Inspired Words in a BDC@ Beaufort Branch program beginning at 2 pm.

Here is a way to participate in National Poetry Month without leaving your computer terminal. For the past 10 years, Knopf has sent out a free poem from one of its distinguished poets each day during the month of April in celebration of poetry month. Visit the Knopf Doubleday Poem-a-Day website to learn more about the poems and poets and to sign up for this year’s poem-a-day email.

Hope to see you at one of our more literary events!

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