27 April 2011

Preservation Resources Highlighted

In 2007, the Beaufort County Library was awarded a Connecting to Collections Core Collections Bookshelf. We store the Bookshelf on behalf of the Beaufort County Historical Resources Consortium, an informal association of cultural heritage organizations here.

Some items from the Bookshelf grace the BDC display case this month. We choose to include the Connecting to Collections Report to the Nation; Caring for Your Family Treasures; Preservation Management for Libraries, Archives and Museums among others. You can read more about individual reference books within the Core Collections bibliography in the User's Guide.

Something on the list strike your fancy?

If so, please feel free to drop by. You are welcomed to come into the BDC Research Room and learn more about how to preserve various types of family treasures by reviewing references in the Bookshelf. Like other BDC materials, you just can't take them home with you.

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