01 April 2011

Schedule Adjustments Wed. and Thurs.

All Beaufort County Library branches will be closed Wed., April 6th for Staff Development Day. This includes the BDC Research Room.

But, as I've mentioned countless times before, the "Virtual BDC" is always open!

Q: What are the components of the "Virtual BDC?"
A: The components of the "Virtual BDC" are:
* The BDC web pages;
* This Connections blog;
* the digital “Phosphate, Farms & Family” Donner photographs;
* posted Recommended readings lists called “Local History Treasures brought to you by the Beaufort District Collection”;
* Local history & nature pages;
* and don’t forget the list of the departed in the Online Obituary Index!

On Thur., April 7th, the BDC Research Room will be closed during lunchtime - which is what happens when a staff of two drops down to only one staff member available for duty on the Research Room desk.

I will be away with Amanda Brewer, Reference Librarian and project head, receiving our instructions about the Smithsonian Institution's New Harmonies Exhibit coming to us in December.

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