15 June 2011

Become a Local Heritage Tourist: Chapter 1 Hunting Island State Park and Lighthouse

Hunting Island State Park is "South Carolina’s single most popular state park, attracting more than a million human visitors a year." Among the non-human visitors are loggerhead turtles, painted buntings, alligators, pelicans, dolphins, deer, raccoons, and snakes. (No mention of UFOs or ghosts).

While many folks visit Hunting Island just for fun in the sand and surf, there are opportunities inside for local heritage tourists, too.

Climb the Lighthouse. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it's the only publicly accessible lighthouse in South Carolina. From the top, you can see for miles and miles.

Visit the lighthouse keeper's house to learn about his duties and challenges or register for the "Lighthouse Life" program.

Interested in how the coastal Indians lived 1500 years ago or more? Sign up for the SC Native Americans program.

Add a splash of eco-tourism/environmentalism by visiting the natural history exhibits and live animals near and in the Nature Center by the pier. Alligators, Sharks, Blue Crabs, Snakes, anyone? You can watch the rangers feed the animals, too.

Take a beach walk with a naturalist.

Hike one of the 8 trails.

For more details, schedules and fees, contact the Hunting Island State Park.
2555 Sea Island PKWY
Hunting Island,SC 29920
Phone: (843) 838-2011
Fax: (843) 838-4263

Enjoy a day being a local heritage tourist!

The Aerial image of the lighthouse is a photograph taken by the SCDAH for the National Register of Historic Places.

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Susan Nicholson said...

Thanks for the reminder of an area treasure and for the useful links! I love the photo of the lighthouse. We often take these wonderful photographs for granted without realizing their source and the efforts taken toward their creation and preservation.