17 July 2011

Biblioburro = The Donkey Library

PBS is showing a documentary about a unique librarian and his unique way of sharing the love of reading and books in the untamed wilds of Colombia. Soriano is a librarian who passion for changing the lives of these children is so inspiring that he was chosen a "CNN Hero" in 2010.

Here's what POV says about the film:
Biblioburro is the story of a librarian — and a library — like no other. A decade ago, Colombian grade-school teacher Luis Soriano was inspired to spend his weekends bringing a modest collection of precious books, via two hard-working donkeys, to the children of Magdalena Province’s poor and violence-ridden interior. As Soriano braves armed bands, drug traffickers, snakes and heat, his library on hooves carries an inspirational message about education and a better future for Colombia. His simple yet extraordinary effort has attracted worldwide attention — and imitators — but his story has never been better told than in this heartwarming yet unsentimental film.

The trailer is in Spanish with English sub-titles:

Watch the full episode. See more POV.

The documentary airs on POV, Tuesday, July 19 at 10:00 PM (60 minutes). You can also view it online July 20, 2011 to September 18, 2011 on the POV website - in case you're chilling at the "Tropical Tuesday" event at the Beaufort Water Festival during the national broadcast time.

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