23 July 2011

Family Tree Magazine names 101 Best Genealogy Websites 2011

For a number of years, Family Tree Magazine has been searching the internet for the best genealogy websites. In 2010, they highlighted free sites. In 2011, they've compiled a list of the 101 best, including both free and premium sites.

Pay attention to the individual entry for each website because "though some mostly free sites charge for premium services, you’ll see a symbol only next to sites where you have to pony up for the core content." So, it's a mixed bag of pay-to-view, pay-to-view some, and pay-to-view everything.

Categories include:
*Family History Mega-Marts
*Born in the USA
*State-of-the-Art Archives
*Local Heroes
*Ethnic Interests
*Putting Genealogy on the Map
*Share and Store Alike
*Tech Tools
*Canadian Cousins
*Genealogy CSI: Death and DNA
*Crossing the Pond

Read the article. When you have a few minutes to investigate online resources, we encourage you to peruse these recommended websites to help you uncover your roots.

Please keep in mind that all branches of the Beaufort County Library provide customers access to the Ancestry Library Edition subscription database. Here's the caveat: You must use ALE inside our buildings on our public access computers. It is not available through the library's WIFI. (By the way, that's ALE's rules, not ours.)

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