30 August 2011

If you read only 1 book about the Civil War...

... I recommend that that book is The Civil War in South Carolina: Selections from the South Carolina Historical Magazine edited by Lawrence S. Rowland and Stephen G. Hoffius. They did yeoman's work scouring the 112 volumes of the South Carolina Historical Magazine for representative articles.

Beaufort District's unique history during the Civil War and Reconstruction eras is featured in the Sea Islands section.

Mark your calendars: On November 7th, we are commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Port Royal in Frissell Community House on the historic Penn School campus. We are grateful that Penn Center is co-sponsoring the evening session. Keynote speaker is Mike Coker on his book, The Battle of Port Royal. The Commemoration program on Penn Center begins at 6:30pm. At the conclusion of the program, Coker, Dr. Rowland and Hoffius, and Neil Baxley, author of No Prouder Fate, will be on hand to sell and sign their books.

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