19 August 2011

"Save My [Digital Photograph] Memories"

You may recall the wonderful program that Sandy Dimke did for us back in March 2011 on preservation of digital photographs. Discussion was lively about what is best to do, when, and why. Everyone enjoyed the session immensely.

Because I get asked questions fairly regularly on how to preserve personal treasures - and techniques do change - I monitor some blog sites on preservation topics for reliable, scientifically based information to share with readers of Connections.

Digitization 101 by Jill Hurst (“The place for staying up-to-date on issues, topics, lessons learned and events surrounding the creation, management, marketing and preservation of digital assets”) pointed me to a new educational website from the International Imaging Industry Association about preserving digital photographs that you might find helpful.

Go to “Save My Memories” and click through all the links to learn how to keep your digital photographic memories safe. For family digital photographs, the suggestions are spot on.

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