12 August 2011

SCLENDS Milestone: 8 million and counting....

SC LENDS, the consortium of 14 member public library systems in South Carolina, surpassed the 8 million mark in circulation on August 2nd.

SC LENDS is a consortium of 14 libraries around the state that agreed to share resources, including books, DVDs, CDs, and anything else they have in their collections that circulate among their patrons.

SC LENDS stands for “South Carolina Library Evergreen Network Delivery System.”

SC LENDS benefits patrons by giving them access to more materials than ever before.

Together, SC LENDS libraries serve a population of almost 1 million people in 16 counties and circulates more than 8 million items (as of Aug. 2, 2011).

SC LENDS libraries share a single catalog, which means that patrons can search for items at any of the 14 libraries as easily as they search for items at their home library. Requesting items is as simple as clicking a button. Any available circulating item can be delivered from any SC LENDS library across the state to your home library.

SC LENDS benefits libraries by helping them take advantage of economies of scale and through sharing expertise with other libraries around the state.

SC LENDS libraries are implementing the Evergreen open-source integrated library system (ILS), originally developed for the 270-member Georgia PINES library consortium.

By using open source software, SC LENDS libraries estimate that they will save more than $200,000 a year in software licensing costs.

SC LENDS is the second-largest Evergreen consortium in North America.

The following libraries have joined SC LENDS:
Allendale Hampton Jasper Regional Library;
Anderson County Library;
Beaufort County Library;
Calhoun County Library;
Chesterfield County Library;
Colleton County Library;
Dorchester County Library;
Fairfield County Library;
Florence County Library;
Kershaw County Library;
The State Library;
Union County Library;
Williamsburg County Library; and,
York County Library.

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