27 September 2012

Prepare to "Get Your Stuff Together"

As mentioned a few days ago, September is "National Preparedness Month."

I've discovered an amazingly straightforward guide on the @At Your Library website to assist us all with getting our stuff together - in case we have to leave our homes quickly on account of the unexpected. 

According to Janet and Laura Greenwald, who have unfortunately had personal experience coping with disastrous situations, there are 
Six Absolutely Vital Things You and Your Family Need to Survive an Emergency Evacuation.

According to the Greenwalds,you must have:
  1. Enough cash or access to cash to get you through 3 to 7 days
  2. Documented proof that you own your home, car and other property and that it is insured
  3. The ability to prove your identity to get assistance, money or housing
  4. The items that are most important to you, secure and accessible away from home. These include vital documents, important photos/videos, home inventory of your possessions for insurance purposes
  5. Birth, Marriage and Passports/Citizenship Certificates
  6. Easy access to your financial information, bank accounts, safe deposit accounts, direct deposits and investments
And they show you how!  For Free!  They provide "Grab It And Go" Forms and Action Plans every family needs to deal with emergencies, along with practical advise that you can use in their latest book "Get Your Stuff Together." (The "Grab It And Go" Forms and Action Plans start on page 196  of the PDF.)  All it costs you is the time it takes to download the PDF and fill out the forms.  They are very generously giving away 1,000,000 downloadable copies of  "Get Your Stuff Together" through their website.  (For those who prefer a printed book, their website tells you how to get one for a fee.)  

Just remember that only you can determine what's best for you and your family.  Suggestions made do not necessarily fit everyone's personal circumstances.  Use your own judgment to determine what's best for you and your family.

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