24 October 2012

National History Bee

The National History Bee is an exciting extracurricular activity that tests students' love and knowledge of all things history. This is a nationwide, head-to-head competition, helping to recognize and reward young people's desire to learn. Students can participate with their schools or independently, as long as they have neither completed the eighth (8th) grade nor turned fifteen (15) years old by August 2012.  

The History Bee website has an official study guide for middle school students covering World History from ancient times to the present day.  For example, the middle school study guide is divided into six chapters: World History (everything but American) to 1492, World History from 1492 to 1933, World History from 1933-Present, American History to 1815, American History from 1815 to 1933, and American History from 1933-Present. Even if one doesn't want to officially enter the contest, the study guide could help a middle schooler learn more about historical eras. 

Registration is open until November 23, 2012. 
There is a separate challenge for high school students of history. 
For more information, please visit www.historybee.com.

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